4 Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

4 Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

digital customer experienceYour digital customer experience plays a big role in your company’s success. When the user experience is subpar, you miss out on customers; it’s that simple.


In contrast, companies with an exceptional digital customer experience tend to thrive. They often outperform their less CX-oriented competitors financially, leading to higher revenues.


As a result, it’s wise to find ways to improve CX, ensuring you can meet or exceed customer expectations. With that in mind, here are four surefire ways to enhance your digital customer experience that nearly every business can implement.


1. Offer Several Search Mechanisms


Many customers rely heavily on their mobile devices, including when they shop. They may favor a company’s mobile app or, when necessary, head to a website through their browser.


When they do, they need search mechanisms that make sense. Often, typing on a mobile device isn’t the most comfortable option, and it can be time-consuming if you aren’t sure which keywords will yield results.


If you want to improve the digital customer experience, provide alternatives to the typing-based search approach. Have a speech-to-text option available at a minimum.


If you want to go the extra mile (and it makes sense for your industry), you could even enable visual searches. This allows customers to locate products that are similar to the one featured in a photo they’ve taken or image they’ve found.


When you offer multiple mechanisms, you make searches as simple as possible. That enhances CX, making the entire experience more pleasant.


2. Implement a Co-Browsing Solution


Customers quickly get frustrated when they can’t complete an action on a site with ease. Even when they reach out for support, text-based or verbal-only instructions aren’t always ideal, especially if the process in question is complex.


In some cases, having a method that lets a representative walk them through everything is the best option. However, with many companies, this isn’t available.


If you want to stand out from the competition, co-browsing technology may be the way to do it. With this browser-based solution, your rep can see what the customer sees and guide them through any process. Resolutions can be speedy and accurate. Plus, it personalizes the experience, making it more meaningful.


3. Focus on Usability


Even if your website’s content is stellar and your offerings are heads and shoulders above the competition, if your site or app isn’t usable, your company will struggle. Massive blocks of texted, insufficient contrast between your text and backgrounds, distracting or unrelated images, and too many auto-playing videos make your website or app difficult to read. Similarly, poorly organized menus and buttons or links that don’t stand out make navigating your site or app challenging.


If you want to enhance your digital experience, usability needs to be a priority. If customers can’t find what they want and get around with ease, your CX is suffering.


Make sure your use of color makes sense and that there is sufficient contrast between the text and any background. Choose professional-quality images that enhance what is being said and use auto-play videos strategically.


In many cases, conducting user tests is wise. It lets you know what customers think of your site or app and may help you identify areas that shine as well as those that need improvement.


4. Go Omnichannel


Today’s customers don’t stick with a single device. They may begin by looking at a website on their mobile device while they are on the go. Then, they might want to use their laptop to get more information.


When a customer uses more than one touchpoint, finding a way to make the experience seamless is critical. Otherwise, if they can’t pick up where they left off, they might not continue their journey.


With omnichannel CX, the various touchpoints connect. This ensures customers don’t have to start over from the beginning when they switch devices. The approach increases satisfaction and can lead to higher engagement and retention rates.


Ultimately, all of the approaches above can enhance your digital customer experience. By embracing one or all of them, you can stand out from your competitors, ensuring your CX is as close to unbeaten as possible.

Nathan Weatherford

Nathan is in charge of Marketing & Business Development at VocalPoint Consulting. Launching new marketing initiatives, planning for events, meeting with clients and providers is all part of the job.

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