Leveraging Automation for a Better Contact Center Customer Experience

Leveraging Automation for a Better Contact Center Customer Experience

contact center cxTo put it simply, your contact center’s customer experience (CX) matters. In fact, 86 percent of consumers are even willing to pay a premium for better CX. As a result, exceptional contact center CX is business-critical.


But figuring out how to improve your contact center CX isn’t always easy. While you can certainly turn to tried-and-true approaches, like better employee training and robust post-contact review processes, adding in a new element is also wise. By leveraging automation, you can enhance contact center CX in a meaningful way. Here’s how.


Deploy Chatbots to Improve Contact Center CX


Self-service is all the rage. In one survey, 67 percent of customers stated that they prefer self-service methods over speaking directly with an agent. By finding appropriate opportunities to deploy chatbots, you can improve the customer experience.


Precisely how you incorporate these AI-powered solutions into your contact center will depend on the nature of your business. However, using chatbots to answer FAQs, share product or service information, handle event or webinar signups, or provide first-level technical support can all be wise choices.


The benefits of using chatbots are vast and varied. First, it provides a customer with instant answers to common questions at any time on any day. The availability of an agent is irrelevant in many scenarios, as the bot can handle the entire interaction.


Second, it reduces wait times for customers that do need assistance from an agent. Since the majority of contacts won’t need to be forwarded to an employee, those that do require assistance from a human can get what they need more quickly.


Finally, customer satisfaction generally rises. With a well-developed chatbot, the experience is polished and professional. Plus, by making the transition to an agent seamless when the need arises, customers can quickly transition to the ideal form of assistance, shortening contact times, and providing fast resolutions.


Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


With RPA, you have the ability to automate repetitive tasks. For example, if data needs to be replicated in several systems, the solution can copy the source data and add it to the other databases. Not only will it accomplish the task faster, but the error rate will be virtually zero, suggesting the original information is correct.


As RPA technology handles various tedious activities, it frees up agents to focus on duties that genuinely require the human touch. It optimizes workflows and creates more opportunities for your agents to be customer-centric, ensuring contact center callers are always the priority. Your employees can concentrate on tasks that require traits that AI doesn’t yet possess, like creative thinking and empathy.


Ultimately, automation has the ability to augment and refine contact center CX. Both chatbots and RPA have a significant amount of potential, making each of the technologies worth exploring. By deploying one or both, the customer experience can be greatly improved in a relatively short period. Plus, it empowers agents to work more efficiently, all while providing additional time that can be focused on customers instead of repetitive, manual tasks.

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is the President and Founder of VocalPoint Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry supporting telecom and cloud service resellers. Since 2010, he has led VocalPoint Consulting to become one of the leading telecom and cloud service consulting firms in the industry.

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