Want to Enhance the Customer Experience? Change Your Mindset

Want to Enhance the Customer Experience? Change Your Mindset

enhancing the customer experienceThe customer experience (CX) is increasingly being viewed as a potential differentiator, a way to separate your company from the competition, drive customer engagement, and mold your brand’s reputation. While some businesses enlist the help of CX experts to ensure their strategy will yield positive results, many others decide to handle it in house. The leadership team assumes they know how to enhance the customer experience because they believe they fully understand their customers.


However, this “we know what we’re doing” mindset can be damaging. There is a surprising amount of nuance when it comes to offering a customer experience than genuinely stands out from the crowd. As a result, an entire science category has sprouted up as CX entered the spotlight.


While you might not need to hire a CX expert to enhance the customer experience at your company, it’s important to recognize that you might not have the level of expertise you initially believe you possess. By adjusting your mindset, you’ll be more open to the realities of what genuinely impacts CX and can promote meaningful change that yields results.


With that in mind, here are a few mindset changes that can significantly impact your level of CX success.


CX Isn’t About Experiences; It’s About Memories


While “experience” is in the name, that isn’t technically what CX is all about. The goal of CX is to forge lasting positive memories, not just create a pleasant experience in the moment.


Often, when a customer is asked to discuss how they feel about a brand or product, they recall their experience. It isn’t the experience itself they are talking about, but their memory of it.


For your CX strategy to work, it needs to enhance the customer experience in a way that crafts lasting positive memories. That is what improves a customer’s impression of the brand or product, and is what they’ll talk about down the road.


You Can’t Enhance the Customer Experience Merely by Reducing Pain Points


Most business leaders have a fixer mindset. They learned throughout their careers how to identify problems and find solutions. It’s certainly a valuable skill, but it won’t have a lasting impact on CX.


As mentioned above, effective CX is about creating memories. While removing pain points might make the experience better in the moment, it might not differentiate you from the competition.


Now, this doesn’t mean you should address issues in your processes, just that you shouldn’t expect major shifts in customer sentiment when you do. If you enhance the customer experience through the introduction of new features that are unique and enjoyable, that will affect CX. Simply solving problems largely won’t.


Your Behind-the-Scenes Operations Dramatically Impact CX


When companies strive to improve CX, they often focus heavily on customer touchpoints. They want to make sure that the mechanisms meet or exceed customer expectations, making interactions more pleasant.


However, your behind-the-scenes operations plat a dramatic role in the customer experience as well. If your workplace practices don’t promote the right mindset in your employees, a positive culture, increased levels of engagement among your staff, and professional behavior, your CX will suffer.


While your customers may never get a look into those aspects of your workplace, they will experience the result of your practices and standards. By ensuring your employees are set up for success, highly engaged, and benefiting from an exceptional culture, they will be more productive and happy. Their attitude will then influence every aspect of your business, including the quality of the customer experience.


Ultimately, what influences CX is often surprising to those who aren’t experts in the field. But, by adjusting your mindset, you can make significant strides that allow you to enhance the customer experience in a meaningful way, ensuring your company has a chance to thrive.

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is the President and Founder of VocalPoint Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry supporting telecom and cloud service resellers. Since 2010, he has led VocalPoint Consulting to become one of the leading telecom and cloud service consulting firms in the industry.

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