How AI is Transforming CX

How AI is Transforming CX

As each year passes, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) increases. It is making its way into a variety of business systems, including those that impact the customer experience (CX). One of the most well-known versions is the chatbot, a conversation-driven tool that enables customers to get answers to basic questions or gather more information without speaking directly with an employee. However, this is far from the only example.


Along with AI chatbots, the technology is transforming CX in a slew of exciting ways. Here’s a look at how AI is impacting the customer journey now and insights into what the future may hold.


Language Evaluation for CX


AI has the ability to assist agents with making sounder customer service decisions. With AI-based language evaluation technologies, a customer’s tone, word choice, and cadence can be analyzed. Then, the system can provide the agent with insights about the customer’s mood and temperament. Plus, it can alert them to changes that may indicate the customer’s state of mind is changing, allowing for CX improvements on the fly.


AI Security Enhancements


Fraud and security aren’t just concerns for companies; they are important issues for customers as well. With AI solutions, CX can be improved. The system can examine customer histories for patterns and, when a deviation occurs, can initiate an alert, reject a transaction, temporarily freeze an account, or take other steps to safeguard the customer and the business.


Similarly, AI-supported security solutions can scan internal systems for signs of cyberattacks. If an issue is identified, the proper personnel can be alerted, allowing them to take action to prevent customer data from being compromised.


Essentially, suspicious activity from any angle can be located quickly, enabling companies and customers to intervene or respond appropriately. This enhances CX by ensuring customer data and accounts remain secure, giving them peace of mind.


Data Analysis for Improving CX


With AI, companies can gain powerful insights about customer behavior. By reviewing existing data, organizations can learn about preferences that customers may not discuss openly, particularly since not all will choose to participate in follow-up surveys or provide feedback. Additionally, various customer contact details can be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of different agent actions or approaches. This can help refine CX processes and procedures, ensuring that those that generate the most favorable results are integrated into standard operations, employee training, and more.


Not only can they learn more about what their customers want today, but AI can also help predictions. This gives businesses the ability to anticipate future trends that impact CX and make adjustments in advance. Shifts in customer sentiment can be planned for before they have a major impact, enabling companies to stay one step ahead.


Ultimately, CX is increasingly a priority for companies, and AI technology is making it possible to offer a better experience, analyze the impact of customer service changes or approaches, and even anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s customer. By embracing AI now, businesses are positioning themselves to offer exceptional customer service, giving them the ability to stay ahead of competitors who are shying away from this transformational tech.

Nathan Weatherford

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