Our Process

Our Upfront Process and Pricing


VocalPoint Consulting will meet with your various business units and document each units desired outcomes. Based on the scope of the project, we may elect to audit your current telecom and cloud services in order to determine the best path forward.


Based on all the gathered information, our team will begin building an initial solution design.


Here we'll engage with suppliers that we feel can meet your initial requirements


Once you choose a supplier to work with, VocalPoint Consulting will negotiate pricing and terms that meet your needs


Our team will provide installation support and project management to ensure the solution is implemented to your companies standards.

100 – 499 users = $3000.00

500 – 999 users = $5000.00

1000 – 2499 users = $7500.00

2500 – 4999 users = $10,000.00

5000 – 10,000 users = $15,000.00

10,000 users + = ICB


Our process starts with a discovery meeting where we take a deep dive into your technology requirements and business drivers. It is critical at this meeting to have all of the company stakeholders involved since each business unit will have different requirements and may use the technology, and the subsequent data and analytics created by the solution, differently. This will help us to create unity within your team to drive toward a common goal. Depending on the size and scope of the project, this phase may take more than one meeting in order to gather all of the necessary information.

Team Collaboration

VocalPoint can equip your company with next gen Collaboration tools including, video conferencing, screen share, group chat, IM, file share, teaming, and presence. Get tasks done quicker by creating teams that can include both internal and external users for a streamlined and efficient user experience.

Ease of Use

VocalPoint can empower your IT staff with Centralized Communications Management tools to make managing employees across multiple locations easier so your IT staff can focus on more strategic projects. Users and entire locations can be added or removed within minutes without having to dispatch a technician. 

Future Proof

Businesses of all sizes are waking up to the cloud and the benefits of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Gone are the days of never ending maintenance contracts, required software assurance agreements and forced upgrades by manufacturers in order to get product support. VocalPoint Consulting will help your business transition from a premise based phone system to a highly scalable, secure, and flexible cloud VoIP phone system. Best of all, you’ll never have to do another upgrade.

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Reasons to work with us on your Hosted VoIP.


We offer unbiased advice when it comes to the selection process. Instead of telling you what we like, we prefer to allow the process and your requirements dictate the proper solution.


We work with 40+ Hosted VoIP and UCaaS providers. Every provider is different. That’s why we’ll analyze your business, help determine your necessary requirements, and source the UCaaS suppliers that can meet your requirements.


With over 15 years of telecommunications experience, we have earned the trust of respected companies of all sizes throughout the U.S.

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From our portfolio of over 40 suppliers, we’ll help you strategize, source, and implement the right UCaaS or Hosted VoIP solution.

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