Founded in 1996, NetCarrier is a facilities-based CLEC providing traditional, dynamic, and cloud-based voice and data services to customers nationwide. NetCarrier was born as an alternative to America On-Line in the dial-up days of the Internet. When residents of the Philadelphia suburbs couldn’t get through to AOL, more and more of them flocked to NetCarrier for access to the web. In 2001, Brook Lenfest purchased the company from founder Christopher K. Peltier and turned NetCarrier away from the residential marketplace and toward the more lucrative commercial marketplace. Peltier stayed on as CTO, and backed by Lenfest, NetCarrier built a fiber-optic network in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area with a strong regional presence in Verizon Central Offices. Since that time, NetCarrier has grown organically and by acquisition. In 2001, NetCarrier acquired Eclipse Internet, giving NetCarrier a strong presence in the Northern New Jersey and New York markets. NetCarrier then opened up markets in Southern New Jersey and Delaware in 2006 and 2008, respectively. In 2010, NetCarrier acquired SNiP Telecom and added the Southern New Jersey shore points to its facilities-based network. Today, NetCarrier has evolved with the increasing customer demands for high bandwidth and cloud-based solutions. NetCarrier’s revolutionary nCloud product suite brings mission critical business applications into NetCarrier’s world class data center, allowing for redundancy that keeps our customers on the leading edge of business communications. Netcarrier sales efforts are focused around their award winning national Channel Partner and Value Added Reseller Programs. NetCarrier currently stands as a privately held company with positive monthly cash flow in a landscape of providers who are loaded with poor debt ratings. NetCarrier offers customers quality solutions and peace of mind in a complex telecom marketplace. As NetCarrier continues to grow piece by piece, NetCarrier’s mission will never change: With integrity, superior communication, custom solutions, and savings, NetCarrier will exceed the highest expectations of the most demanding buyer of telecommunications services.


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June 14, 2016