At VocalPoint Consulting one of our goals is to educate business leaders about advanced cloud technologies such as Unified Communications as a Service, Cloud Contact Center, Cloud Computing, SD WAN and more. By signing up for our Webinar Series you will gain real world insights on procuring, managing and deploying cloud solutions that will help you drive achievable business outcomes.


Securing The Edge: A Remote Worker Dilemma.

Now that 60 % of the workforce is slated to remain as home based workers, how will this impact your company’s security and compliance? Are your employees handling credit cards or other sensitive data? What measures do you have in place today to minimize the possibility of a data breach?

In this event we’ll be discussing what businesses can be doing today to ensure that your data is secure and your remote employees and corporate policies are compliant. You’ll hear from top cyber security experts in the industry discussing practical things that you can do to secure the edge. You’ll also hear from experts in the area of compliance discussing PCI, TCPA, and updates on Stir/Shaken.

Cancel Culture: How Secure Is Your Cloud Contract?

Can you lose access to your data because of your beliefs, thoughts, or opinions? This is a question that every business needs to be asking when it comes to cloud service contracts and the subsequent data that they are supposed to protect. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, your business needs to have access to cloud services and data in order to keep running. In this webinar, you’ll hear from legal and tech experts concerning cloud contracts. Learn some of the ways you can put together a bullet proof contract and make sure your business continues to have access to the services that you contracted.


Leveraging Technology and Data to Manage Remote Workers

Join Vocalpoint Consulting, 8×8, and Curium in a discussion about Leveraging Technology To Manage Remote Workers on March 25th 12pm (ET).

Are you looking for better ways to manage your remote workforce?

In this webinar we’ll be discussing:

➤ How to manage expectations of remote workers

➤ Using advanced technologies such as call deflection, chat bots/virtual agents

➤ How to use advanced analytics to humanize data and develop strong KPI’s

➤ Tools to live monitor agent desktops and phone activity

Effective Communications With Remote Teams

Join Derek Roush from VocalPoint Consulting and Tyler Smith from Vonage on January 21st at 12 Noon EST for a free lunch and learn as we talk about Effective Communications With Remote Teams In A Post Covid World. 

If your business is struggling with effective communications and looking for advice on how to adapt to the ever changing communications landscape, this event is for you. We’ll provide practical advice and simple changes that you can make today to get your remote team back on track.