Network & Security Assessments

An IT risk assessment can eliminate costs and uncover vulnerabilities within your network. VocalPoint can provide you with detailed quarterly reports to help uncover issues lurking within your network along with advice on how to fill those gaps.

Cost Analysis

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis – Internet and telecommunication bills can be confusing. VocalPoint Consulting will analyze all of your telecom, internet, and cloud service contracts to provide an in depth cost analysis. Once we understand the current architecture and spend, we can offer advice on optimization and improvements that can be made.

Procurement Assistance

VocalPoint will provide procurement assistance for any telecom or cloud project by providing independent analysis of your businesses needs. Our deep dive approach will help determine which telecom or cloud service providers will be right for your project. VocalPoint will even negotiate contracts and terms on your behalf to make sure that we protect your interests.



VocalPoint Consulting doesn’t leave you when your company signs off on a project. We will work on your behalf to project manage the implementation of services and stay with you for the length of the contract to ensure that the service providers are delivering on their promises.

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