Clear Signs That It’s Time to Find a New VoIP Provider

Clear Signs That It’s Time to Find a New VoIP Provider

voip providerWhen you implement VoIP, it is common to hope that there will never be a need to switch providers. However, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your service or otherwise feel that you aren’t getting enough from your provider, making a switch might seem like a smart move.


While it is true that switching to a new VoIP provider is often a cumbersome task, it can be worth the effort. Otherwise, you are stuck with a subpar service that isn’t meeting your needs, something that can harm productivity and limit your technological capabilities.


Having a high-functioning communication system is critical for nearly any business. As a result, it is wise to evaluate whether your VoIP provider is actually meeting your expectations. To assist you with this decision, here are a few signs that it’s time to find a new VoIP provider.


You’re Starting to Doubt VoIP Technology


While nearly every technology will give you a headache from time to time, if you begin to believe that VoIP is inherently flawed, there’s a decent chance that your VoIP provider is the actual problem. Provider-side issues like misconfigured systems, aging equipment, or poor customer service can diminish the VoIP experience. If your provider isn’t addressing these issues, switching to one that will may change your mind about the technology.


A skilled VoIP provider works to make sure that your system is optimized. They ensure you have the right equipment and configurations, allowing you to have the best experience possible. Additionally, they can help you assess your technological capabilities and make recommendations, giving you insight into how to improve performance on your end.


The Call Quality is Unreliable


VoIP is perfectly capable of offering a call quality and reliability level similar to landline telephones, even over public internet connections. However, if your VoIP provider hasn’t configured your network correctly and allocated the proper amount of bandwidth, you won’t get to experience that reality.


If you have discussed low call quality with your provider and they are unable to remedy the issue, it is possible that they lack the ability to solve the problem. By selecting a new VoIP provider, you could find a company that has the technical expertise and equipment to address your call quality issue with ease.


You’re Plagued by Downtime


If your VoIP system keeps going down, that’s a big red flag. Leading VoIP providers rarely experience unplanned downtime, and many offer impressive uptime guarantees.


Often, chronic issues with downtime suggest that your VoIP system lacks a necessary level of redundancy. Low-quality VoIP providers may only have a single data center. Then, if there is an issue, the traffic can’t reroute to another location.


High-quality VoIP providers maintain several data centers, with each being in a different location. If a single center goes down, the others pick up the slack, allowing your VoIP system to keep running seamlessly.


You Can’t Get Your VoIP Provider on the Phone


Whether your VoIP provider simply offers very limited customer service hours or you get stuck waiting on hold for what feels like an eternity, not being able to get support when you need it is a bad sign. Similarly, if a support call takes forever because the customer support agent can’t figure out how to address your problem, that’s a red flag as well.


Leading VoIP providers have skilled customer service agents readily available, especially during core business hours. Additionally, their reps can solve common problems with ease, ensuring your issue is fixed and that you don’t have to waste valuable time on hold.


If your current provider isn’t capable of addressing the problems above, then it doesn’t make sense to give them your business. Ultimately, if you experience any of those issues, switching to a new VoIP provider is likely a good move.

Nathan Weatherford

Nathan is in charge of Marketing & Business Development at VocalPoint Consulting. Launching new marketing initiatives, planning for events, meeting with clients and providers is all part of the job.

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