Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2019

Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2019

cloud computingThroughout 2018, cloud computing established itself as a business essential, supporting innovation, expansion, and more. However, even as cloud computing solutions become more robust, there is still progress to be made.


In 2019, could cloud computing turn into part of business-as-usual activities? Here are a few cloud computing trends to watch in 2019 that provide insight into where the technology is heading.


Portability as a Priority


As more companies turn to the cloud to handle their core operations, dependence on the technology will increase. As a result, businesses are increasingly concerned about portability, ensuring they can transition to another provider should the need arise.


Many cloud services providers are hearing the concerns of their customers, ensuring that the solutions they offer allow for a suitable amount of flexibility. This may be a boon for savvy companies who focus on finding third-parties who won’t lock them into a solution.


Faster Adoption Next-Gen Technologies


One of the key benefits of switching to the cloud is the on-demand model for buying technology. Companies have the ability to implement solutions and adapt to changing needs swiftly, something that was more challenging in previous years.


As a result, the adoption of next-gen technologies, new solutions, and various innovations will occur at faster speeds. Smaller companies can access services – like AI, deep learning, and robotic process automation – that may have otherwise have been out of reach based on their existing infrastructure or IT budget.


In the end, this is going to increase the prevalence of emerging technologies in the world of business, accelerating change across the landscape.


The Rise of Specific as-a-Service Segments


While the “as-a-Service” model has become increasingly popular, specific segments are benefitting from increasing comfort levels when it comes to the cloud. In 2019, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will gain in popularity.


The rapid adoption creates some opportunities, but also leads to a few challenges. Businesses will likely find more solutions to choose from, making it easier to find an ideal option based on their needs. Additionally, highly specific services may become more common, creating niches within the companies IT landscape.


This increases the number of applications and storage solutions companies may use and manage. As a result, many will face challenges when it comes to access data across the entirety of their business, especially when compared to housing it all in a single system.


However, that doesn’t mean the situation is unmanageable. Organizations need to understand, first, that the challenge exists. Then, they can create processes to allow their data to be viewed more like a single instance, ensuring the full truth is viewable at all time.


Ultimately, cloud computing is going to remain popular in 2019 and may spur new developments and innovations. Companies that want to stay ahead are going to continue to leverage cloud solutions to access cutting-edge technologies, and the rate of adoption is only going to accelerate the overall speed of change in business.


Businesses who shy away from these technologies may find themselves unable to keep up but, by keeping an eye on these trends, you can prepare yourself for what the future will almost certainly hold.

Nathan Weatherford

Nathan is in charge of Marketing & Business Development at VocalPoint Consulting. Launching new marketing initiatives, planning for events, meeting with clients and providers is all part of the job.

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