The Cloud and the Growth of the Modern Mobile Workforce

The Cloud and the Growth of the Modern Mobile Workforce

mobileThe cloud has been a revolutionary technology in business, particularly when it comes to supporting an increasingly mobile workforce. Many of today’s professionals aren’t working solely from their desks. Instead, they are continuing to remain productive while they are on the road.


The Modern Mobile Workforce


The nature of work is changing across the country. As smartphones became more prevalent, companies embraced them as a means of forging into new territory. The technology allowed employees to remain connected no matter where the day took them. However, there were natural limits to what smartphones and tablets could support.


When the cloud emerged as a viable solution for accessing more computing and storage power, its inherent internet-based platform created additional opportunities. Workers could reach critical resources from an increasing number of internet-capable devices, breaking down barriers to how work could be performed.


Companies that embrace not to cloud apps but full digital workspaces get additional benefits. These solutions allow employees to have the same experience across multiple devices, including laptops, tablets, and even some smartphones, decreasing the learning curve and promoting greater levels of productivity.


Enhanced Communication Ability


Cloud collaboration supports team communication even when members aren’t in the office. Teammates can reach out whenever the need arises and access information from previous discussions on-the-go. Often, these solutions can be accessed through a browser or a companion app, adding to the level of convenience.


With many of today’s younger workers embracing an “always on” paradigm, the ability to remain in contact and up-to-date on office happenings at all times complements their lifestyle. Plus, the solutions often mimic other technologies, including social media. This makes it incredibly natural for Millennials and Generation Z workers who are making up larger portions of the workforce every day.


Friction-Free Computing


The ability to access resources at all times and remain in communication is leading to the growth of friction-free computing. Employees are becoming decreasingly limited based on their location or device preferences.


If workers favor a smartphone or tablet over a laptop, their productivity isn’t hindered thanks to cloud technology. Plus, since they may already be familiar with their device of choice, they can reach peak productivity more quickly.


Similarly, if you support telecommuting or have portions of your workforce that need to be out and about as part of their job – something that is common in the sales, certain customer support roles, and managers leading multiple sites – their level of efficiency is increased.


Overall, the cloud is allowing the modern mobile workforce to grow and expand with greater ease, creating new opportunities for employees and companies alike to achieve their larger goals.

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is the President and Founder of VocalPoint Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry supporting telecom and cloud service resellers. Since 2010, he has led VocalPoint Consulting to become one of the leading telecom and cloud service consulting firms in the industry.

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