How to Turn Your VoIP Systems into Custom Brand Ambassadors

How to Turn Your VoIP Systems into Custom Brand Ambassadors

One of the reasons many companies choose to implement VoIP systems is the broad selection of features that come with these advanced systems. However, not every organization realizes that some of the included options create a unique opportunity: the ability to turn your VoIP solutions into a custom brand ambassador.


Audio branding can be incredibly powerful, giving you the ability to reinforce your brand through everything from your music choice to the voice you select to represent your organization. If you are ready to turn your VoIP systems into a custom brand ambassador, here’s how to get started.


Choose an Appropriate Tone


The messages and music a person hears when contacting your company can have a significant impact on their perception of the experience to come. For example, a high-energy message with upbeat music may increase excitement, something that could be beneficial for inbound sales. Additionally, these callers may be more open to hearing ads about your products or services, as they are already poised to potentially make a purchase.


In contrast, a soothing voice and calming music may be a better choice when a person is holding for customer service or technical support, helping them relax while they wait for assistance. Further, steering away from sales pitches may be wise, as these callers might not be interested in making an additional purchase until their problem is resolved.


Which tone is right for your organization depends on the goals associated with that particular incoming line. Consider the demographics of who is placing those calls as well as the purpose behind the contact attempt and use that to guide the tone you choose.


Often, you’ll find that you need to adjust the tone depending on kind of call that is taking place, so don’t feel stuck making a one-size-fits-all selection, as most VoIP systems can accommodate multiple audio options.


Create an Audio Signature


When it comes to branding, a sense of familiarity can go a long way. While you may want to adjust the tone of the messages and music depending on the reason behind the call, having a sense of similarity across all lines is wise.


For example, choosing a single voice for all of your recorded messages may create a sense of connection. It crafts the perception that there is a single person behind these initial messages, similar to being greeted by the same receptionist at every office visit.


Another approach is to mimic the audio used in other advertising. Since most customers will be at least somewhat familiar with your commercials, websites, social media videos, and similar content, keeping everything congruent increases the sense of familiarity, cementing their ideas about your brand.


Look Outside the Defaults


Most VoIP systems come with a few music and other audio options. However, many give you the ability to add your own recordings, allowing you to step away from the defaults.


From a branding perspective, this can help you stand out from other companies that use the same VoIP solution. Further, it allows you to choose the precise options that best reflect your company’s personality, which is critical when you want to support your larger branding objectives.


However, before you add outside audio, you may need to make sure that the recordings respect any associated copyright laws. Many songs are protected, so don’t assume that they are safe to use until you research any usage restrictions associated with the audio.


While setting up your VoIP systems to function as brand ambassadors can take some time, it’s an effort worth making, particularly if you want to connect with your customers and cement certain ideas about who your company is and what it has to offer.

Nathan Weatherford

Nathan is in charge of Marketing & Business Development at VocalPoint Consulting. Launching new marketing initiatives, planning for events, meeting with clients and providers is all part of the job.

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