The Rise and Benefits of the “as-a-Service” Model

The Rise and Benefits of the “as-a-Service” Model

as-a-serviceOver the past few years, companies have embraced the as-a-service model for a variety of IT services, shifting the burden away from their in-house operations. While each business has their own reasons, there are some common elements that have allowed the approach to rise in popularity.


If you are wondering if the as-a-service model is right for your company, here’s what you need to know.


Automatic Maintenance


When you manage your IT resources in-house, you are responsible for all maintenance on the system. Depending on the solutions involved, this can be a cumbersome process, often requiring a significant amount of research and energy to complete properly.


With an as-a-service solution, maintenance is automatically performed by the provider. This means that everything will remain up-to-date without you having to dedicate internal resources to the task.


Plus, disaster recovery mechanisms are typically included with as-a-service offerings. Usually, the provider will back up critical data and/or provide access to redundant systems to ensure you can always access what you need, regardless of whether the unexpected occurs.


Faster Deployments


The as-a-service model also provides significant benefits when it comes to deploying new solutions. Since you don’t have to invest in new internal infrastructure or hardware, a process that can be incredibly time consuming, the service can be provided quickly.


Often, providers already have the systems in place that are needed to provide you with the service, so the majority of the work involves connecting your system to theirs. While you may need to make certain upgrades to take advantage of an as-a-service solution, this is usually much faster than creating the entire system from scratch internally.


Access to Experts


Smaller or mid-sized businesses don’t always have large IT teams to manage technical operations. At times, you might not have access to the needed level of expertise within your staff to deploy a new solution.


By using the as-a-service model, you have access to the experts working for the provider. They can assist with anything from product selection to deployment to troubleshooting, removing any associated burden that may be passed on to IT with an in-house solution.


Scalable Solutions


While you may know what you need today to accomplish critical tasks, things can change quickly in the world of business. If you experience an unexpected influx of demand, your resources may no longer be sufficient.


Most as-a-service products are highly scalable, allowing you to ramp up or down whenever the need arises. This can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that are poised to take a market by storm or experience seasonal fluctuations that change their requirements.


Additionally, for seasonal companies, this can be highly cost-effective when compared to deploying an in-house solution based on your peak needs. You often have the ability to adjust your services throughout the year, ensuring that you never pay for more than you require to get the job done.


The as-a-service model offers a lot of benefits to companies of nearly any size, helping to reduce costs, limit strain on internal IT staff, and provide a flexible solution. If you haven’t considered using an as-a-service solution before, now is a great time to explore these options to see how they can help your business thrive.

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