How VoIP Can Improve Customer Service

How VoIP Can Improve Customer Service

voipIn the end, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That is why some many companies strive to provide them with the best experience possible. While the kind of phone system you chose to run doesn’t seem like it can have a significant impact on the quality of your customer service, it actually can.


With that in mind, here are a few ways that VoIP can improve customer service.


Efficient Auto-Attendant Systems


When most customers call a company, they aren’t automatically directed to a person. Instead, an auto-attendant answers and tries to properly route the customer to the correct department or individual.


VoIP systems are ideal for the creation of robust auto-attendants, giving you the ability to offer a pleasant greeting and a well-structured menu system that doesn’t leave callers frustrated. Plus, making changes to the auto-attendant isn’t an overly complex task, so you aren’t limited to just what you set today when it comes to menu designs and recordings.


Increased Accessibility


While traditional phone lines often have call forwarding options, VoIP goes well beyond the basics when it comes to ensuring your staff can take an incoming call from nearly anywhere. For example, relocating VoIP numbers to other desks, buildings, or even cities is simple. This means your employee can maintain the same phone number regardless, of where they are physically located, as long as they keep their connection to the system. This can be ideal for temporary duty assignments or other travel-oriented activities involving other company offices, as numbers don’t have to physically remain in their area of their assigned area code to work.


Additionally, companion apps and integrations can give workers access to virtual VoIP phones. These can be added to laptop computers or mobile phones, allowing their calls to come through more than one device. For employees who travel regularly, this can be an ideal way for them to stay connected, no matter where they are in the world.


Call Recording


Many VoIP systems have easy to use tools for call recording which can easily be a boon when you want to monitor the quality of care your customers are receiving. Effectively, you can create a quality assurance program and review various calls to ensure they were conducted properly. Additionally, VoIP can allow others to listen in to calls with ease, a feature that may be valuable to managers who want to see how a customer contact is progressing right when it is happening.


Call recording is also incredibly helpful for training and new employee onboarding process, as you can refer to real-life examples of what has occurred previously and use them to shape discussions about potential improvements or models of ideal approaches.


Ultimately, the capabilities of a VoIP system provide companies with a range of options that may otherwise to difficult to manage, if not entirely unavailable, in older phone systems. If phone-based customer service and support are a priority for your business, then switching to VoIP may yield more benefits than you initially realized.

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