Must-Have Features for Your Enterprise VoIP System

Must-Have Features for Your Enterprise VoIP System

voipWhen you are interested in selecting a hosted voice over IP (VoIP) system for your business, you may assume that all providers are created equally. In fact, many such offerings aren’t designed for large enterprises (generally consisting of 100+ employees), but for smaller companies looking for high-tech solutions. That means, unless you shop around or work with a knowledgeable consulting firm, you might miss out must-have features for more solid solutions.


So, how do you tell the true enterprise-ready systems from less robust VoIP solutions? By reviewing the included features. Here are a few that you should consider necessities if you want a true enterprise-level experience.


Customizable User Templates


Sizable companies often have employees that need different things from their phones. Also, not everyone needs access to every featuring, such as reporting or the ability to listen to other calls in progress.


To meet the unique needs of your staff members, customizable templates are a sure-fire solution. They allow you to activate or block permissions as necessary and adjust certain programmable functions based on the person’s duties.


Templates also make managing user moves a breeze and can make updates related to job changes or promotions easier to manage. Instead of having your IT personnel adjust everything line-by-line, they simply assign a new template and get on with their day.


Software Integration Services


Lesser VoIP systems might offer integration with popular software solutions like Google, Outlook, or Salesforce. But, if they stop there, it isn’t a real enterprise offering.


Providers that focus on enterprise-level solutions can build-out the software integrations you require regardless of the popularity of the software. They understand the value of integration, and are willing to work with you to accommodate your requests.


Dedicated Circuits


Call quality is a primary concern for many large businesses and companies that are interested in securing and maintaining your business understand this fact. To ensure you get the results you need, a high-quality provider will provide a dedicated VoIP circuit for your location. This allows them to control QoS effectively and offer guarantees regarding the experience you can expect.


Professional VoIP Installation and Support


When you operate a company with 100+ employees, you likely don’t have the time or staff available to manage an installation yourself. And hiring a third-party doesn’t make a lot of sense, both in the financial commitment involved and the legwork required to find the right vendor for the job.


Enterprise-level providers are willing to make the transition to a hosted VoIP system a breeze, often by managing the install themselves. They’ll also function as your primary point of contact when issues arise, allowing you to make a single call instead of trying to figure out who is ultimately responsible.


Many of these higher-quality providers also include additional support, like user training, to relieve any pressure that may otherwise be placed on your IT staff.


If you have a large company, it’s wise to search for a hosted VoIP provider that offers all of these must-have features. If your search isn’t finding what you need, working with a consulting firm can be an easier way to find the right solution for your needs without having to do the research yourself. Finding the right platform can provide significant benefits to your business, so don’t settle for the first thing you can find if it doesn’t give you all of the capabilities you need.

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is the President and Founder of VocalPoint Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry supporting telecom and cloud service resellers. Since 2010, he has led VocalPoint Consulting to become one of the leading telecom and cloud service consulting firms in the industry.

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