Cloud Computing Benefits Beyond Simple Cost Savings

Cloud Computing Benefits Beyond Simple Cost Savings

cloud computingMost businesses made the switch to cloud-based services for one simple reason: cost savings. When compared to managing infrastructure, hardware, and software maintenance and upgrades, cloud computing offered an attractive alternative. And those savings are still applicable, along with certain other financial benefits one might only be realizing today.


The cloud has become a portal to greater business opportunities, allowing companies to reach beyond what they initially thought was possible, while also providing access to increased speed.


Cloud Solutions and Revenue


A recent survey showed a significant connection between the implementation of cloud services and increased revenue. In fact, some of the most cloud-savvy businesses are experiencing growth at a rate that is 2.3 times faster than their less technically advanced counterparts.


One of the reasons for the increases revolves on increased agility. Leading businesses who’ve embraced the cloud as part of their infrastructure are more adaptable than their hardware driven competitors. New developments aren’t restricted based on available internal storage or processing capabilities. Instead, when more resources are required, it can often be added with a simple phone call to the service provider.


Increased Speed and the Cloud


Faster development often leads to increased customer satisfaction. The cloud model also supports key pieces of the agile approach to software as well as DevOps. Continuous delivery has the ability to create a better experience for customers, breeding loyalty while lowering the risks associated with development.


Often, increased speed in delivering new products, services, or features helps bring in higher profit potential over a shorter period. Current customers that are highly satisfied with their purchases are more likely to return to the company for additional products or services, as well as new features. Additionally, they help build the company’s reputation amongst others operating in their sector or those that have similar needs. When it comes down to it, positive word-of-mouth is always powerful in the marketplace.


Making the Most of the Cloud


To enjoy the benefits discussed above, it does require work on the part of the business. A clear vision for how the services will be used is essential to success. You need to understand exactly how functions will transition to the new paradigm as well as how future growth will be supported.


Additionally, strong standards for architecture and configuration ensure that all cloud-based solutions integrate with other enterprise level systems. This is another area where a failure to plan is ultimately a plan for failure.


Often, meeting cloud solution goals requires having the right personnel in place. Neglecting to bring in the right professionals means you may be missing out on some of the potential. Investing in the right employees provides you access to skilled individuals who can act as liaisons between your company and your service provider of choice.


You also need to remember that the cloud is a tool, and tools require skilled individuals to ensure they are used properly. Successes experienced through the implementation of cloud solutions can’t be solely credited to the technology, as it is actually a result of the hard work for individuals and leaders who breathe life into these initiatives. Even the best tools don’t work on their own, so make sure to invest in the right people to make your cloud solutions a success.

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is the President and Founder of VocalPoint Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry supporting telecom and cloud service resellers. Since 2010, he has led VocalPoint Consulting to become one of the leading telecom and cloud service consulting firms in the industry.

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