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The communications landscape is constantly changing. VocalPoint Consulting will help your company make sound decisions regarding your next phone system upgrade, whether your business is ready to move to the cloud or not. We offer advice on both premise based systems as well as cloud based systems. If you need a new phone system we’ll show you where to start.

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Cloud Services

As on premise storage access networks and server hardware continue to age companies are looking to shift to op-ex, cloud based solutions rather than constantly face costly upgrades and maintenance charges. VocalPoint Consulting will help your company put together a cloud strategy that includes cloud servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery solutions, and data center services so your IT team can focus on growing your business rather than maintaining your business.

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The direct sales teams at telecom carriers will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get the sale. VocalPoint Consulting, on the other hand, will work as your advocate. We are uniquely positioned with our service providers to create a competitive environment while still maintaining access to engineering and sales resources. That’s why we have agency with so many telecom carriers. We can truly act as your independent, trusted source in the telecom marketplace.

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VocalPoint Consulting has a wealth of resources to help your company make critical technology decisions. We will consult with your team on PBX upgrades, telecom carrier selections, cloud services analysis, and RFP development. We’ll provide a comparative analysis, utilizing TCO and ROI calculators to help you and your team make sound technology decisions.

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